7 Things Your Candidate Should Know About Downtown

The economic health of cities is directly related to the well-being of the city’s core. And this matters because downtowns are  the employment and cultural centres of our country. This federal election let your candidate know that you care about the core.

Here are 7 things you can share with your candidate about the value of  downtown:

  1. Downtowns punch above their weight: Downtown’s typically occupy less than 1% of citywide land, yet account for over 20% of construction revenue and activity.
  2. Downtowns support sustainable development through effective transit and transportation models, and by promoting walkability.
  3. Downtowns are increasingly attracting postsecondary education institutions bringing with them an educated working class.
  4. Downtowns hold the lowest vacancy rate compared to industrial and other commercial centres in their respective city.
  5. Downtowns provide a significantly higher property tax by percentage of land area on account of their densities: Downtowns often comprise as little as 1% of citywide land area, but attract ten or 20 times that in terms of contributing to the City’s assessment.
  6. Downtowns in general have experienced the most rapid population growth as a percentage of the city’s overall growth.
  7. Downtowns are employment hubs representing diverse economic and cultural activities in the city.

Downtowns play a critical role in your city, and their growth is correlated to both economic and cultural success. Let your candidates know that you care about your core.  Attend a Town Hall All Candidates Meeting in your community.