What is an All Candidates Survey?

Downtowns Canada wants to know what federal candidates and parties think about downtown, and if core issues are at all addressed in their platforms.  So, we’re organizing an all Candidates survey.  The concept behind an all candidate survey is to reach out to candidates on a national level with a survey of questions to gather their thoughts on issues that matter to the core.  

Why is it important to ask Candidates about Downtown issues?

Downtowns are the economic and cultural cores of our cities. Downtowns generally occupy less than 1% of city- wide land area and yet they attract an average of 20% of city-wide construction value. While  they are dense in size, their success plays a vital role in the economic health of the area. Downtowns are also employment hubs and the primary drivers of GDP and taxes. Regardless of where you live in the city, the success of your downtown core affects the entire area. Federal Candidates need to understand this.

What are we going to do with it?

Once we have all the results from the All Candidates Survey, we will publish an executive summary based on the feedback received from candidates nationally, as well as recommendations on how the political parties can include downtown issues in their platform. We will also hold Town Halls in cities across the country to discuss downtown issues with Candidates in a public forum.

We have outlined in our Downtown Declaration what we believe to be the main concerns of Downtowns across the country. There is a strong and genuine desire for the Federal Government to re- engage in a wide range of critical downtown urban issues and Downtowns Canada sees the Federal government as natural leaders, researchers, and legislators who can also bring sharp focus on issues with targeted funding in coordination with provinces and municipal governments.

We recognize the urgent need to include the sustainability of our cities and towns into the national conversation acknowledging the economic, social, cultural and environmental issues that directly impact business areas on a daily basis. Share this if you think your federal candidate should too!