We are Downtowns Canada, a national coalition of the International Downtown Association representing organizations across the country that manage Canada’s business districts.

We believe that Canada’s business districts are vital places in the nation’s identity and key centres of wealth in our economy.

And, we love Canada.

Canadian business neighbourhoods and city cores are varied in form, size and make-up and yet across the country, our business districts play an important role in our communities locally, provincially and nationally.

We want all Canadians to know the value of and importance of their city’s core business and community development districts.

According to the Conference Board of Canada, Canada’s hub cities are a driving force of the national economy.

The economic health of cities is directly related to the well-being of the city’s core.

We want our cores to thrive so Canadians can thrive.

Every July 1st across our great country hundreds of Downtown Business Improvement Areas and Districts attract  thousands of Canadians to celebrate the birth of nation through our constitution.

Our districts are the centre of historic national pride and future economic prosperity.

Want to learn more? Read and share our Downtown Declaration!